Deep Sea Fishing at The Lower Keys
Why Sea fishing at the Lower Keys is the perfect holiday
There is no better way to reconnect with nature than fishing. Add tropical temperatures and turquoise waters to your fishing experience and you’ve got yourself a perfect holiday for you and all the family.
Why are the Florida Keys the best place to go fishing?
If the above benefits are not enough, the 125-mile-long stretch of islands known as the Florida Keys create a unique fishing environment. It guarantees some worthy catches at pretty much any time of the year. The waters around the Keys also are home to some of the most popular game fish among recreational anglers, including permit, redfish, snook, tarpon and bonefish. These are mostly found in the inner curve of the Keys between the Keys and the Florida mainland. Near the Gulf Stream however, you might be able catch much bigger game such as the blue and white marlin, sailfish or even a swordfish. One of the reasons why the Lower Keys makes a perfect fishing holiday destination is the widely practiced catch-and-release approach of fishing enthusiasts, which guarantees the balance between preservation and recreation.
What types of fishing can I do at the Lower Keys?
Whether you just want to do some recreational fishing or have high hopes of catching big game during your sports fishing session, the Keys have the right thing for you. You can go for an afternoon of bridge fishing, which is ideal for anglers who want to do some fishing, but have no intention of hiring a boat or joining a tour. There are some historic bridges along the Overseas Highway that are used as fishing platforms. But if you’re looking for a different experience, deep sea and offshore fishing might be the thing for you. In these areas where the sea reaches depths of 600 feet, the blue marlin, sailfish, kinghfish, tuna, grouper and even some sharks can be found. Wreck and reef fishing on the other hand, guarantees schools of amberjack, snapper, grouper and mackerel who live in the many reefs and coral structures on the bottom of the ocean.
What do I need?
If you intend to go fishing independently, a saltwater fishing license is required. This applies to fishing from bridges and from shore as well. These can be purchased in most bait and tackle shops. The Lower Keys, however, offer a wide range of fishing tours, consisting of day tours on a fishing boat to cover wider areas and fish on bigger game. In this case you don’t need a fishing license, since the captain of the charter boat or backcountry boat already has the right documents. The latter is the most convenient option, and a great way to enjoy your fishing holiday in the Lower Keys.

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